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The Little Voice In My Head
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"The Little Voice In My Head"

This beautifully designed daily alphabet affirmation book will ignite the imagination and help students to memorize the alphabet with positive affirmations. Each page features a letter of the alphabet together with a corresponding affirmation to help them grow and develop their self-confidence.

The affirmations provide valuable lessons on kindness, resilience, and self-belief and will help children learn and hold onto the ABCs with ease. The exciting illustrations and inspiring affirmations make this an ideal book for students of all ages. With daily affirmations and fun activities, it's never been easier to remember and internalize the alphabet. Order your copy today and watch your child's self-esteem soar!

Inside this book you'll find joyful bright images and a positive affirmation on every page. Children will learn the letter 'Z' with words like "Zealous" and 'B' with statements like "I am Beautiful."