Journee Receives NYS Senate Proclamation


(ROCHESTER, NY) - Senator Jeremy Cooney (D-Rochester) honored Journee Campbell, a local 5 year old who recently published her first book, with an official NY Senate Proclamation. 

Journee's first book titled "The Little Voice in my Head'' was released last Spring and seeks to teach children positive self-affirmations. Journee's motivation to write came about during the pandemic, COVID caused her school to shut down and Journee wanted to help her classmates continue to learn. 

"The Little Voice In My Head" has earned recognition locally and nationally, including endorsement from former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Tatyana Ali who played Ashley Banks, Will Smith’s cousin, on the show. 

 The success of her first book inspired Journee to write a second, "Save Your Tears Have No Fear", a picture book that deals with anxiety and encourages people to stand up for themselves. The Campbell family has since started a business, Campbell Creations publishing company. Their publishing company will create and produce products that will help enhance children's personal development.

Senator Jeremy Cooney

It is my honor to recognize the amazing work of one of our youngest New Yorkers, Miss Journee Campbell. Journee’s writing encourages young people to recognize the good in themselves and inspire them during a challenging period of our history. We have faced many challenges as a result of COVID-19, but when we hear stories like Journee’s it reminds us that the young people in our community can lead us, no matter the age. Congratulations to Journee and the entire Campbell family on their success so far and look forward to their future publications.”

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